How to get 100% responsive web pages

Many studies have already placed the smartphone as the main Internet access point in the global market. In a context like this, having a web adapted for mobile becomes an imperative for all businesses with an online presence.

Keep in mind that there is a wide variety of devices with different functionalities. The design of a mobile website must be prepared to face this scenario, adapting to different operating systems (Android, iOS, Windows, BlackBerry), screen sizes or types of devices (smartphones, phablets, tablets and even the latest smart televisions).

Advantage offered: visual and functional responsive web design

The simple modification of the structure and size of the blocks that make up websites designed by web design Birmingham fit on the screen of virtually all smartphones.

Web pages developed by web design Birmingham adapt to all devices, and most importantly, adapt to the client!

What are the advantages of a responsive web design?

They are prepared for all types of devices: The main differential factor of responsive web designs are their adaptability to the screens of computers, tablets, smartphones or TVs, among others.

Better user experience: Responsive web pages offer contents prepared for consultation on any device. Their designers also take note of visual consistency between these different versions.

Increase in performance: Every time, we move away from the paradigm in which online sales occur mainly in computers. This is so because the responsive adaptation allows the shopping experience to be identical in all devices – smartphones, smart TVs or computers.

Positive feedback in SEO: In addition to the confirmation by Google of moving to a scenario in which the indexing of adapted content for mobile is prioritized, reducing the pogo-sticking effect in the results pages will have a positive impact on our website positioning.

Minor development time: The fact of not having a development or the parallel for a mobile version, allows less dedication of resources, both in the initial creation phase and in the maintenance of the website.